Game Hosting for the Masses

Crack open some diamond ore, NOT your wallet!

Get your group together for $3/mo!

Don't let expensive servers keep you and your minecraft buddies apart!

  • SSD Powered Worlds
  • Daily backups!
  • Plugin Installer
  • Vanilla/Bukkit/Tekkit*
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • 2 Locations to choose from, LV or KC
Not much of a miner? Neither are these guy's

Ranging from Team Fortress 2 to Call of Duty we’ve got them all!

  • Auto Fast Download
  • Mod Manager
  • FTP Access
  • 15 Slot Mumble Server
  • Webhosting Included
  • TCAdmin Control Panel
  • Xeon 3.2Ghz CPU's
  • 10,000 RPM HDD's
Not sure about us?

Don't like your service? You got 7 days to cancel and get a refund no questions asked!**

Mod & Plugin Support

We'll help you get started

We support Tekkit, Feed The Beast on select plans, and Craftbukkit/Spigot on all plans, and can help you get things installed properly saving you time and money!

Ready to craft your perfect plan? Head to the crafting bench...


Protected with UPS & generators

Our network infrastructure is protected 24/7 by a layer of physical security, as well as UPS power supplies, and diesel backup generators, keeping you crafting, building, and exploring round' the clock.



Fast support ready and waiting

Support directly from us, located in both the United States, and the United Kingdom, for true 24/7 support. Our average response time is just under 1 hour.

Not yet convinced? Learn more!

Plans & Pricing

Our various plan catagories, priced by the GB (RAM)

  • 10K Budget Minecraft $12.00/GB
    • 1GB-3GB Dedicated Memory
    • 20-40 Recommended Players
    • 10,000 RPM HDD's Disk Type
    • Multicraft Control Panel
    • Free 20 slot Mumble Server
    • Not Included Webhosting
    • FTP Access
    • Auto Plugin Installer
    Best for: Beginners, Groups
  • Premium SSD Minecraft $16.00/GB
    • 256mb-3GB Dedicated Memory
    • 5-40 Recommended Players
    • SATA III SSD's Disk Type
    • Multicraft Control Panel
    • Free 20 slot Mumble Server
    • 5GB Included Webhosting
    • FTP Access
    • Auto Plugin Installer
    Best for: Beginners, Groups
  • Virtual Servers $12.00/GB
    • 512mb-12GB Dedicated Memory
    • 15-150 Recommended Players
    • Raid 1/10 HDD Disk Type
    • Multicraft/SolusVM Control Panel
    • Free 20 slot Mumble Server
    • Not Included Webhosting
    • FTP/SSH Access
    • Scale any resources at any time!
    Best for: Any Group
  • Dedicated Servers $80.00/Mo.
    • 8GB-32GB Dedicated Memory
    • 100-350 Recommended Players
    • HDD/SSD Disk Type
    • Multicraft/TCAdmin Control Panel
    • Observium Control Panel
    • 5GB Included Webhosting
    • FTP/SSH/RDP Access
    • Dedicated Hardware
    Best for: Large Groups

So, why EVL Gaming? Because we have all-inclusive prices and unbeatable value
Other companies promise cheap hosting with cheap support, for rock bottom prices. Not only will we leave you feeling satisfied with our services, you'll also have the peace of mind knowing that an EVL Support technician is always a ticket/email/chat away!

Features you'll Enjoy

From our easy out of the box setup, to our live chat you'll be buried with features!

Instant Setup

Our minecraft servers are setup in a mere 15 seconds (not including world generation time!) after payment is received. You pay, you receive, Instantly!


Live chat isn't just for the sales team anymore! Our support technicians are online and ready to help you with support related inquiries.


We employ support technicians and engineers from both the United States and the United Kingdom. This allows us to monitor our network round' the clock, regardless what time zone your in!


We give you the choice to utilize SMS notifications about your services. Invoices due, upcoming maintenance, and account activity all from your mobile device!


TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! When it comes to gaming, latency (or network speed) is extremely important. Because of our central Kansas City, MO. location we have low latency to anywhere in the United States! Try it out yourself! Ping


Movie quotes aside, we have multiple monitoring points around the United States, to make sure we're always online. Not only do we ping all of our servers every 15 seconds, we also check Voltages, Fan Speeds, Disk Capacities, Memory Usage, CPU Load, and a bunch of other stuff, that some hosts may call "uesless" to be certain we're always online!

Supported Mods

*While tekkit is supported on our servers we recommend that you have at least 1GB of RAM in order for it to run smoothly. Any packages smaller than 1GB will not perform at a playable level, and thus we do not support tekkit on packages smaller than 1GB.

**You can cancel at any time in the first 7 days of service and recieve a refund. Only during your first month of service, you must not have broken any of our ToS/AUP policies, you must also co-operate with our support staff in order to receive a refund